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How Employable Are You? Take Our Skills Assessment to Find Out

Do you know how employable you really are?  

While there are many factors that contribute to your employability, employers are increasingly interested in your skills. 

From more technical skills like digital creation and research skills, to more social skills like empathy and conflict management, developing your skill set is crucial to your chances of securing a job after graduation. 

The King’s Careers & Employability team have developed King’s Skills for the Future to help you along this journey. 

What is King’s Skills for the Future? 

King’s Skills for the Future is a?self-assessment?tool and set of?learning pathways?located?on?King’s?CareerConnect. It is?designed to help you evaluate,?develop?and expand your existing skill set.  

Using the existing King’s framework for?identifying?employability?assets (KASE),?the tool is?focused on 30 high-value skills within 6 categories that are particularly important for your employability.? 

A chart of skills for the future

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Some of these skills, for example the more technical Digital Competency skills and commonly used Foundational skills, may be more familiar to you than others, however their importance is equally high. These pathways give you a range of actions and activities that will help you to develop these softer skills so that you are able to highlight them on your CV and give examples of them in interviews and conversations with employers. 

How does it work? 

King’s Skills for the Future allows you to evaluate your skills in a fun and easy way. There are no right or wrong answers; it is simply a self-assessment tool that will help you prioritise which skills to invest time and energy into to improve your employability. 

When the tool has helped you to identify which skills you need to develop, you will be directed to a series of pathways full of information and activities to complete in your own time. A record of assessments and?the skills pathways you have completed will be stored on King’s CareerConnect to keep track of your progress and?you can use the assessment tool as many times as you need to see how you are developing. 

For instructions on how to use King’s Skills for the Future, check out this blog post

Find out more 

To find out more about King’s Skills for the Future, visit our?KEATS page?or head straight to the self-assessment tool on?King’s CareerConnect

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