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Breaking Barriers: Empowering Diversity in STEM by Womxn in STEM Society

King’s College London Women in STEM Society is a student group dedicated to promoting diversity within STEM fields and empowering not only women but also other underrepresented groups studying STEM degrees at university. Under the leadership of President Samriddhi Sehgal, the team successfully held a series of events designed to provide opportunities and support for students looking to develop their professional career.

Tell us about your Society and its aims.

Ji Eun: The Women in STEM society at KCL is a vibrant community of students, professionals, academics, and researchers committed to advocating for diversity and equality in STEM fields, with a focus on supporting underrepresented individuals.


??What types of events or initiatives does the society organise?

Ji Eun: Our society hosts a variety of events and initiatives, including mentorship schemes connecting professionals with students, empowHER series offering CV feedback, and engaging speaker events featuring professionals from diverse STEM backgrounds, all aimed at empowering and promoting inclusivity in the STEM community.

How does the society engage with the broader King’s College London community and

Bhanavi:We have held a variety of events, ranging from various insights into careers in STEM to the industries outside of it. By doing this we were able to reach a much larger audience within KCL and engage with those who wouldn't necessarily be drawn to the society. We have also held workshops for local schools to engage with the community beyond KCL; we led STEM-related sessions to encourage the local school kids to get involved with the industry.

??Can you share some examples of successful projects or campaigns the society has
been involved in?

Abigail: We recently celebrated International Women’s Day with a diverse panel discussion featuring leaders from various industries, fostering empowerment, networking, engaging conversations, and connection. We were also honoured to win the Bright Network’s NextGen: Breaking Barriers Award, recognising our innovative initiatives in breaking down professional barriers. Another flagship project is the Mentorship Programme, connecting students with accomplished women and non-binary professionals from leading companies, and acting as a vital link between academia and industry, providing participants with career advice, opportunity for personal and professional growth, and access to a supportive community.

??What are some challenges the society has faced, and how has it overcome them?

Joyce: During a period where students tend to get busy with submissions, we saw a drop in committee attendance for society events. This is crucial because we needed help for on-day duties, such as room set up, receiving speakers, hosting panel discussions and so on. We communicated the need for a better attendance without a compromise on academic commitments within the committee, requesting those who had free time to turn up for events.

How does the society prioritise inclusivity and diversity within its membership and

Abigail: Our society strives to cater to the diverse interests and needs of our members through a blend of academic and social events, fostering a strong sense of belonging and community. We actively promote external opportunities to benefit our members and host events like the "Insights into Industry" series, featuring professionals from diverse backgrounds across STEM fields, with plans for expansion. Our "EmpowerHER" workshop series has also been successful for attendees to gain a more hands-on engagement with professionals. We also promote diversity and representation within our committee to reflect our values of inclusivity.

??In what ways does the society collaborate with other student groups or organisations?

Bhanavi: Women in STEM have collaborated with many societies to hold events delving into specific industries. With the Tech and Physics societies within KCL, we were able to organise insightful evenings for a range of students. We have also collaborated with the Women in Leadership Society for our panel event on International Women’s Day. The event was successful in promoting inspiring messages to the attendees and encouraging productive discussions.

How can students interested in joining or supporting the society get involved?

Ithar: Students interested in joining or supporting the society can become official members, attend meetings, and participate in events. They can also volunteer for event organisation, outreach initiatives, or join committees. Engaging with the society on social media and spreading awareness about our activities are additional ways to show support. By getting involved, students can connect with peers, gain skills, and contribute to promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM.

??What future goals or aspirations does the society have?

Ithar: The society's future goals include expanding outreach efforts to engage more students, hosting larger-scale events, fostering partnerships with industry leaders for mentorship and career opportunities, advocating for policy changes to support women in STEM, and continuing to provide a supportive community for women pursuing STEM fields. Additionally, we aim to collaborate with other organisations to address intersectional challenges and promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of STEM education and professional development.


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