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How to have a sustainable 2021

Sustainability Month 2021 banner

February marks Sustainability Month at King’s, and there are a variety of events that are going on throughout the month to celebrate and learn about all things sustainable. If you want to take sustainability on to your own hands this year, I've written up some tips for how you can make your 2021 more sustainable:


  1. Set small goals: be realistic with yourself and start off small.One example could be going meatless on Mondays. Having specific milestones and goals makes it easier to implement change on a long term basis.
  2. Consider what you are buying: try and buy in-season fruits and vegetables to reduce your food miles. You can also see if you can buy any local produce from community gardens or farms. Here’s a list of seasonal vegetables in the UK:
  3. Cut the plastic: we all know how bad single-use plastic is for the environment (yes I know paper straws are the worst), consider changing your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one to make an easy swap that you won’t even notice. You can get a subscription at websites like

Get in contact with the KCLSU Sustainability Union Development Committee and keep an eye out by going on @kings_sustainability


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