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Five ways to recycle your old clothes!

While there are certainly many ways to re-style your old clothes to keep them on trend for longer (see this video by bestdressed 'Ten Ways to Style a Dress' as a prime example) – sometimes those old rags just won’t cut it with your new look! We understand. That’s why over at KCLSU we’ve found five fun and sustainable ways to re-use your old clothes to create some trendy stuff – from a plant hanger to a coffee cosy, keep reading to find out more! And remember - you can buy all your sustainable goodies at our zero waste shop, Nought.

1. A Trendy Shopping Bag

Yes that’s right, it’s totally possible to make a produce bag that would cost you £12 over on ASOS with one of your old t-shirts! This is a sustainability double whammy – as you’re not only just re-using old clothes instead of binning them, but you’re also reducing your use of plastic and looking rather on-trend doing it.

Find the full guide on how to make your old t-shirts into trendy shopping bags here.

2. A Cosy for Your Coffee

Coffee cups with cosys

Just can’t find the matching sock to your beloved favourite pair? Have no fear! There’s no need to throw your lonely sock away, you can use it to make a cute coffee cosy for your coffee holder. Find out how to make them here!

3. A Plant Hanger

Who knew that you could make a totally adorable plant hanger using some old rags. We recommend an old t-shirt, but honestly any old bits of clothes with enough fabric will do. Now your plants will be extra #instaworthy, and you’ll be super happy with yourself for being #sustainable.

Get the full instructions here. This one is a little trickier than the rest, but is totally worth it!

4. Re-Useable Make Up Wipes

It’s time to save the planet even more by making some re-useable make-up remover wipes. Aesthetically pleasing, sustainable and budget friendly – see the full guide to these eco-bad-boys over here.

5. A Comfy Duvet Cover

This hack is probably the most sentimental of the bunch, but we would definitely recommend it. Use a collection of old band t-shirts that you love but are too worn out to wear – for example – to create the ultimate band duvet cover. Alternatively, if you don’t have a collection of t-shirts you want to get rid of, but want to keep a top you’ve got sentimental attachment to – why not cut it into a square and frame it?

Find the guide to make the ultimate duvet cover here.


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