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How to get through exams


Take Time Out is an initiative that aims to help us cope with the increased workload during exam season. It reminds us that even when we are incredibly busy with studying, or especially then, it is important to look after our wellbeing. During Take Time Out KCLSU offers a wide range of events to improve our work-life balance. But there is also a lot we can do ourselves.

Daily walks

Many of us may remember these from the times of the COVID lockdowns, when we were encouraged to leave the house and get some fresh air on a daily wellbeing walk. When we overly focus on our academic commitments, it is easy to lock ourselves in. That’s why it is very important to remember that a quick break outside can greatly improve our wellbeing, and also our efficiency while studying.

Even a short walk to the local park or around the neighbourhood can be a good way to take a break and refresh in between study sessions. If you feel like you need to take a longer break, you can plan a nice route somewhere further. You can also use it as an opportunity to go and study somewhere else than home or the library – take a long walk to a café and study there. Changing your surroundings can also do you good!


Another good idea to break down a long and heavy day in the exam season is to take some time for physical exercise. Consider going for a run or a bike ride, if you prefer. You could also do something at home, like yoga or a home workout.

Keeping it social

When working on assignments, it is also easy to isolate yourself from friends and family. When we are stressed we often think that any time not spent on studying is wasted. Talking to people can help manage this stress. So even during exam period, make sure you are looking after your social needs by hanging out with your friends or calling your family.

Eat well

Another aspect that is easy to overlook when we are stressed is eating properly. We often eat at random times and often not enough. We settle for whatever is quick and easy. But a good and balanced meal can improve our wellbeing and can give us lots of energy that is definitely needed in exam season. That’s why, in a break from studying, you can find a nice recipe and cook a feel-good meal. This can be fun in the process and definitely a good reward for the time spent in among the books. If cooking is not your thing – why don’t you treat yourself and order something nice?

Something for the soul

Another way to Take Time Out is to make use of London’s rich cultural scene. Take an afternoon to go to a museum, an art gallery, or a theatre play. Experiencing art will be a nice way to take your mind away from studying for a while and can also help to get some more perspective.

Make sure to look out for KCLSU events during Take Time Out that will help you cope with the stress and workload!


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