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Get Ready for Elections: An Overview of Key Positions at KCLSU

As the elections draw near, it's essential to understand the various roles available within the King's College London Students' Union (KCLSU). You can now nominate yourself or somebody else until the 19th February. Whether you're passionate about representing your peers, shaping the future of student life, or fostering community engagement, there's a position for you. Let's take a closer look at the opportunities awaiting you:

Full-Time Officers

Full-Time Student Officers are at the helm of KCLSU, serving as pivotal figures in decision-making and advocacy. These officers, elected by King's College London students, play a vital role in representing student interests within the Union and the University. The Board of Trustees, which oversees the organisation's governance, includes six Student Officers, four elected Student Trustees, and four Lay Trustees with expertise in specific areas.

These positions are full-time and paid, requiring a commitment to taking a year out, often referred to as a sabbatical year. While candidates cannot stand for multiple Full-Time Student Officer positions simultaneously, they can also vie for association committee positions, albeit withdrawing from one if elected to both.

Full-Time Student Officers engage with students, attend senior-level university meetings, act as trustees of KCLSU, and work tirelessly to amplify student voices and empower student-led initiatives.

Student Trustees

KCLSU, being a charity, mandates the presence of trustees. Student Trustees contribute to KCLSU's Trustee Board, shaping its strategic direction and making crucial legal and financial decisions. This role offers invaluable skills and experiences, including negotiation, risk assessment, and budgeting, which are highly attractive to future employers.

While voluntary and part-time, being a Student Trustee requires a commitment to attending meetings and participating in sub-committees. The role offers support and guidance, with up to four positions available. Student Trustees ensure KCLSU adheres to regulations, implements its strategic plans, and provides the lived experience perspective crucial for decision-making.

Student Group Committee Members

With over 400 student groups encompassing sports clubs, societies, and media outlets, KCLSU thrives on student-led initiatives. Student Group Committee Members play a pivotal role in running these groups, representing their members' views, managing finances, and organising activities. Through training programs, they gain leadership skills and drive positive, student-led changes within their communities.

Academic Association Committee Members

Academic Associations serve as student-led representatives within specific departments and faculties. Committee Members work tirelessly to advocate for academic changes, engage with peers, and foster a sense of belonging within their academic communities. They attend crucial meetings, collaborate with university representatives, and drive initiatives to enhance the academic experience for all students.

As the elections approach, these roles offer exciting opportunities for students to make a meaningful impact, develop essential skills, and contribute to the vibrant community at King's College London. Whether you're interested in governance, community engagement, or academic advocacy, there's a position tailored to your passions and aspirations within KCLSU.

NUS Delegates

NUS Delegates represent KCLSU at the National Union of Students (NUS), shaping policies affecting student unions nationwide. They discuss and vote on motions, convey King's students' views, and update the community on NUS conferences. By participating in these discussions, delegates advocate for policies aligning with students' interests and concerns, ensuring their voices are heard on a national stage. This role offers students the chance to engage in impactful national-level decision-making and advocate for meaningful change beyond the university campus.


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