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Stress Awareness Month

In Stress Awareness Month, it’s the perfect time to spread a key message; you’re not alone. I’m fully aware of how cliche that sounds, but when you’re stressed, it can be a very isolating feeling and you can forget that stress is a universal experience. Whether the stress is financial, academic, health, about relationships - someone somewhere has been stressed about it too. It’s extremely likely that whatever it is you’re stressed about, that someone else has felt that way before too! If they can persevere through it so can you.

Having said that, just because stress is something that everyone experiences, does not mean to say that every experiences it in the same way or that it affects everyone in the same way. It is vital that you remember that your experience and your response to stress is valid - everyone is different but everyone is equally valid. Don’t compare your emotions or coping mechanisms to someone else, they are not you, they haven’t had the same life experiences as you, and what works for them or you doesn’t necessarily apply to others. Your response is your body’s tailored system for YOU. Allow yourself and your body to take its time to process things in this way that is best for you. Following what is your natural response is the healthiest way to cope with any situation and emotion, that’s why your body is telling you to pursue that course of action.

Your response to stress means only one thing, no matter what it is; you ARE responding, because you can deal with this, you can process this and you will come out the other side.

Stress is also there as indication that something is important to you, so don’t let it be a wholly bad experience, use it as a way of getting to know yourself better. Nothing has to be completely bad, and one way of helping you get through it is that you can find the positive side of your experience.


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