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March Mousewatch Madness Update

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Yes, my pun game is suffering as we go through the months. However, as February’s Mousewatch meeting didn’t have many results, I didn’t want to give you a useless update. I had a great pun for that though: ‘this year doesn't leap and neither do mice’ weak, I know. So what happened this month?

There have actually have been NO reported mice sightings from January to the 19th March – we are getting somewhere! In a future email, I will highlight how we can report mice that we see, as I never knew that there is a reporting process. I am also going to see the pest control reports where they walk around and look at how effective the pest control measures are.

There is a current evaluation of how signage can work so people know how to report mice sightings. As said previously, we are currently doing well with mice sightings as there have been none for a while. So how can we keep this up? We are hoping to keep this standard up in the future, as it might be because not a lot of people are on campus therefore there is not as much food waste as in normal times. You wouldn’t believe the amount of thought goes into these measures, such as moving bins outside of offices/classrooms into corridors so they can be emptied more regularly to prevent the accumulation of mice. However, mice breed in warm weather, so let's hope we do not return to the past this summer.

Thanks for reading this month's Mousewatch Update and I'll catch up with you soon!


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