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Sustainable Christmas gifts and gift wrapping

The holiday season creates a great deal of waste, in the UK alone, 83 km2 of wrapping paper is binned every year – that’s is larger than Guernsey! Not to mention the gifts that end up in the back of the wardrobe or the rubbish. Why not give this year’s Christmas a green twist by giving sustainable gifts wrapped consciously? Check out these tips to set you on the right path.



Gift pre-loved

Give a second-hand item a new lease of life and save unnecessary waste! With so many great second-hand and charity shops in London, there’s really no excuse not to go treasure hunting!


Gift an experience

Memories last longer than material things, why not gift an experience this year? Don’t worry about the budget - there’s no need to splash out on hot air ballooning (but if you can, that’s great!). A ticket to a play, going ice skating or paying for dinner will be just as memorable.


Gift something that will last

Buy a gift that will last and help reduce waste. An insulated water bottle in their favourite colour (Nought stocks Chilly’s bottles in many colours *wink-wink*), a bamboo cutlery set or an organic tote bag with a funny quote or eye-catching image all make for useful, lasting and thoughtful gifts. No mugs, though. Everyone has enough mugs at home already, thank you very much.


Gift edibles

Decorate some jars and fill them up with candied fruit and nuts, biscotti (extra points for home-made), or granola. You can make chocolate truffles (gluten-free and vegetarian!), bake cookies, biscuits or make a gingerbread house. If it doesn’t turn out quite as nice-looking as you expected, don’t worry, the taste and the love you’ve made them with will make up for looks.

Gift wrapping

A cloth napkin with a festive pattern or a nice cotton tote bag is a great zero waste alternative to traditional wrapping paper. They are gifts on their own, too! If you can’t find a napkin to suit your wrapping needs, use recyclable brown wrapping paper or butchers’ paper. You can decorate this with stamps, drawings or even old Christmas cards. Alternatively, you can reuse a gift bag you’ve been given previously.


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