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Fossil Free Careers Campaign Launches!

Julia Pressner

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A new campaign has been launched to divest King‘s from relationships with fossil fuel industries in the careers sector. While the university itself is already proudly divested from fossil fuels, we are still actively contributing to the climate crisis by encouraging students to pursue careers in the fossil fuel industry.

We do not want to be part of a system that actively fuels the industries destroying our planet. With your help, we can take action.

What is the problem?

Oil, gas, and mining industries cause immense environmental and social harm.

Their operations are accelerating the ecological emergency, wrecking the climate, polluting the water and permanently destroying landscapes.

They are displacing people from their homes and lands, destroying livelihoods, demolishing sacred indigenous sites and leaving workers and communities with severe health problems.

There is no future for jobs in these industries: they are dead end jobs for students and graduates. Even the most conservative science states we need to dramatically scale down resource extraction if we are to avoid the worst impacts of the climate and ecological crisis.

Our university careers service needs to stop putting new workers into oil, gas and mining industries, and take responsibility for building the sustainable, ethical workforce we need to transition to a just and equitable energy system and low-carbon economy.

We can cut fossil fuel companies off at the root by limiting their incoming workforce. The success of this campaign would result in KCL ending any existing relationships with oil, gas and mining companies, and declining to work with them in the future. Additionally, our university would provide an example to other universities nationwide to follow in our footsteps. By working together and spreading the word, we could leave these industries with no labour pool, forcing them to make sustainable changes.

Campaign aims:

With this campaign, we call upon King's Careers and Employability department to:

  • Refuse all new relationships with oil, gas or mining companies
  • Decline to renew any current relationships with oil, gas or mining companies after the contractually obligated period ends
  • Adopt a publicly available Ethical Careers Policy that explicitly excludes oil, gas and mining companies from recruitment opportunities

How can you support this campaign?

For this to become a Union Campaign it will need to get support from 50 students via petition. You can sign the petition here: Fossil Free Careers (




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