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Time to celebrate diversity at KCLSU!

Picture of Sara Soamn Saeed, VP Education: Arts & Sciences

King’s is a community that houses many communities, all different but congregating in London for the same reason – to get a world-class education, embark on a hopeful future career and experience exciting student life. As a student officer at KCLSU this year, I take pride in representing our students from across the world. Diversity is truly King’s strength as a university and KCLSU’s variety of student groups and societies is a testament to it. When you join King’s, no matter where you are from or what you believe in, there is always a welcoming community already here for you to join and other students who can make you feel safe while studying. As a Muslim student myself, I found solace in the Islamic Society, the committee, their many fun and charitable events and the other students who I met at them, as well as other societies. Many of the people I met at King’s were from the same or similar cultural and religious background to me, and I found comfort in this especially as the university is such a vulnerable and isolating time. Similarly, though, I found comfort in meeting students who were very different to me; people who came from places I had never been or even heard of and relayed the beauty and history of their respective cultures to me. Without this diversity of students, my experience at King’s would have been very different, and I would have been at a loss.

One World is the perfect opportunity to delve into the plethora of diverse communities that King’s provides a temporary home to, and you’ll feel like you belong. The whole week (24-27 January) will be dedicated to the celebration of the diversity of cultures, beliefs, and faiths that make out community so rich. Why not get involved in our One World Festival events? We look forward to seeing you there!

Sara (VP Education: Arts & Sciences)


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