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Quarantine around the world: Vrindavan, India

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Where are you spending your quarantine? 

I am spending my quarantine in my hometown Vrindavan, India.  

How is that going? 

My quarantine is going fairly well considering that my brother and I live in a house with our parents and grandparents (making that six of us in total). So apart from the obvious occasional family mess about everything (and even about nothing at times), we all feel privileged and grateful to be able to quarantine in our house when so many people in India are without a home and are facing difficult times. 

What worries you the most at this time as a King’s student? 

There are quite a few things I always worry about at the back of my mind. The most immediate one is that all my stuff (books, clothes etc.) is in my accommodation back in London, the contract for which expires in July; I am very worried because it is very uncertain when it will be safe to travel back there and hence if I am unable to do so, what will I do about my stuff once my contract expires. Another concern is about the next academic year in London and whether things will be safer by September or not. If looked at from a larger perspective, the thing that worries me the most right now as a King’s student is the uncertainty we are experiencing.  

What are you doing for your wellbeing while indoors? 

Apart from watching a lot of Netflix, I am currently looking after my wellbeing by following a regular workout routine, cooking with my family, and painting. I follow Chloe Ting’s workouts (available on YouTube) and ordered a Paint by Numbers for adults kit through Amazon, and these things have proved to be really helpful for my wellbeing. 

Give us a tip for self-care that is working for you: 

Getting up and following my daily routine the same way I used to do when I was back at "uni". Even though this might seem redundant at first, but I see a great rise in my productivity levels when I follow this compared to when I do not. 

Out of the King's ways for wellbeing*, What would you say is the one you are practicing the most these days?

I think that of the ways for wellbeing, the one I am following the most is Keep Moving. Even though I cannot physically “keep moving” outside my house, I have started working out more than I used to (shocking!) and I definitely feel healthier and better. 

Give a piece of advice to other peers studying for exams while in quarantine: 

Even if you are able to give 3-4 hours of undivided attention to your work, you will feel like your day has been productive. This is because, from my personal experience, 4 hours of un-distracted studying is better than 12 hours if you do not pay attention. 

*The King's ways of Wellbeing are: Keep Moving, Invest in relationships, Never stop learning, Give to others, Savour the moment. Find more in our Take Time In pages!

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