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Quarantine around the world: London

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Where are you spending your quarantine? 

I am spending the quarantine in my room in one of King’s student accommodations (Angel Lane).

How is that going? 

I think the best word for me is “confused” but at the same time kind of interesting as well! I feel so frustrated thinking about my research and work, but a few minutes later, I am full of joy as I can speak more often with my friends and family. I have started to find new hobbies and activities which is fun, but on the other hand, I have to adapt everything to more like a virtual way.

What worries you the most at this time as a King’s student? 

Till this last week, I was worried about my thesis submission deadline, but I got an email that it has been extended for three months! So I feel a bit more relaxed, but still, there are a lot of uncertainties regarding my funding and also my visa.

What are you doing for your wellbeing while indoors? 

I am joining King’s Sport virtual classes which I found really fun and easy to follow. Also, setting up virtual tea breaks or even sometimes having dinner over Skype (we even tried to play some board games), is really lovely. Also, I have started painting and learning Spanish, which is kind of new and exciting.

Give us a tip for self-care that is working for you:

In a normal situation I would have said make sure you have some "me times", but now I would strongly suggest finding some "us time (family/friends)". I think organising some virtual dinners or some coffee breaks is really nice. Also, considering the current set up, remembering that it is okay to lose focus and find it challenging to work has helped me to control my anxiety.

Out of the five pillars for wellbeing*, What would you say is the one you are practicing the most these days? 

Hard to decide between “Never stop learning”?and “Invest in relationships”?as I am spending a lot of time learning new things (for which I didn’t have time before) and also chatting/video calling with my family and friends. But, I think I go with “Invest in relationships” as I feel this is the most connected I have been to my family/friends and also appreciated their E-presence!

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*The King's ways of Wellbeing are: Keep Moving, Invest in relationships, Never stop learning, Give to others, Savour the moment. Find more in our Take Time In pages!

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