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Project X Present The Xhibit

Project X launch The Xhibit


Want to come together with the artistic community in spite of Covid-19? Been using your spare time to create? 

KCLSU's 'Project X' is bringing together King's Artistic Community online. We are asking students to showcase their talent, be that photography, music, poetry, illustration, dance and more! Whether it's a two minute clip, a drawing, short length film or photo series we want to hear from you.

All work will be displayed on our social media channels- the KCLSU Events Facebook and KCLSU Events Instagram- and you will also be spotlighted on our website, which can be added to your artist portfolio.

Lets come together and inspire one another. If you would like to display your work please fill out this typeform.

Our artists will be spotlighted for a week, Thursday-Wednesday, on our social media channels from Thursday 16th July. Be sure to follow and visit!