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Fighting climate change

Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge the world has ever faced, but we can all do something about it. As the last generation able to stop this devastating disaster from happening, we have all of the knowledge and the tools needed to stop it – the world just needs everyone to play their part, however small or big it may be. At KCLSU, we want to play our part in creating a sustainable future – and we want you to join in too!

Here are 6 ways you can get involved:


1. Get familiar with the issues

We have a range of activity groups and societies sharing resources, hosting events and helping to educate the student body on a range of issues connected to climate change and the environment. Why not attend an event or join one of these groups to join their cause? If you’re not in the loop and want to learn how to become more sustainable, get in touch with our groups:

You can find a list of all of our groups here.


2. Reduce waste

On campus, KCLSU cafes charge 20p per paper cup when you buy a hot drink – so always make sure to bring a reusable mug or cup to save money and reduce waste. You can buy a nifty keep cup at the Shack & the Shed with your lunch or beverage if you don’t already have one! Any money raised goes to a sustainability fund.


We also only sell water in recyclable cans to avoid wasting plastic bottles and have completely banned plastic straws from our venues. Our venues are also happy to fill up your reusable water bottles with tap and filtered water – if you’re not around our venues, we have also designed a helpful map of all water points around King’s campuses so that you never have to resort to buying a plastic bottle again! We are also competing against other Universities in a recycling league to see who can recycle more so do your part and use the right bin for the right kind of waste.


3. Go zero waste

Going zero-waste doesn’t mean completely changing all of your habits, but even just swapping small items such as plastic bags for reusable tote bags has a massive positive impact on the environment. To make the zero-waste lifestyle more accessible and affordable to our students, KCLSU has opened a new zero-waste shop at Guy’s Campus: Nought!

Stocking all of your favourite everyday essentials, from pasta to toothbrushes, Nought’s mission is to make zero-waste changes pain-free to King’s students and the community around our campus. All of our products are sustainable and plastic-free. With a range of affordable products and workshops in the heart of London Bridge, being zero-waste and making conscious choices for our environment has never been so easy. Make sure to bring your reusable containers, weigh them and fill them up with our bulk stock, then all you have to do is pay!


4. Cut down your emissions by choosing wisely

We all have our favourite comfort foods, whether that’s a huge burger or a hearty tomato soup – but we all also have a responsibility to understand how our choices, including food choices, are impacting the environment and our world. Changing your habits is more difficult than it seems, but by incorporating healthier and low-carbon choices in everything you do, from how you travel to what you eat, you will be able to enjoy your favourites without feeling guilty.

If you’re not ready to try a fully vegetarian or vegan diet, why not have one meal out of the week as a veggie meal? Helping the environment doesn’t have to be a chore – have a cheesy pizza, a bowl of pesto pasta or even a chocolate doughnut if you feel like it!


5. Have an idea to make us more sustainable? Get in touch!

Though we have implemented different ways of being sustainable, we are always open to ideas and to improving our spaces and practices! If you have an idea on how to make KCLSU more sustainable or want to make change with a campaign, get involved by contacting Gurbaaz who’s leading on this issue for our team!


6. Want to keep reading?

Here’s an even longer list of easy and green changes you can make to your lifestyle!


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