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February is LGBT+ History Month

intersectional pride flag in an orange frame and on a white background, text saying "LGBT+ History M Intersectional pride flag, black text saying "LGBT+ History Month Liberating Our Present"

This February KCLSU once again joins in to celebrate LGBT+ History Month. We have a range of events and initiatives for you to get involved in the celebration of the community, its history and its achievements.

The origins of the month-long holiday can be traced back to an initiative by Rodney Wilson – a history teacher from Missouri. In the UK, the celebration first took place in 2005 owing to Schools OUT – a charity with a mission of making schools a safe space for LGBT+ identifying students. The abolition of Section 28 – a document that prevented local authorities from teaching about homosexuality or promoting its acceptance – motivated the first celebration of LGBT+ History Month. Today, the holiday is observed across the Anglophone world and several other countries.

KCLSU celebrates together with the KCL LGBTQ+ Student Network. This year’s theme is ‘Liberating Our Present’, which focuses on moving forward as a community through social justice and intersectionality. We aim to encourage the most vulnerable and underrepresented in the community, by reflecting on LGBT+ histories and challenging norms.

How to Get Involved?

During the month of February, there will be plenty of initiatives for students to get involved in. There will be a range of educational events to enhance our knowledge and understanding of LGBT+ histories.

One such workshop is the Leadership Master Class – LGBTQ+ Solidarity. Participants will have a chance to understand the struggles and histories of the trans community, as well as the LGBTQ+ identifying among us more broadly. We will also explore the notions of gender and intersectionality. Sign up here!

There will also be different events to celebrate the community in fun ways!

If you fancy a little boogie, head to Guy’s Bar on the first SLAY FRIDAY and slay the night away with great music from our brilliant queer DJs. Read more here!

Join us in the celebration throughout February and keep your eye out for more events and other ways to get involved!


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