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"Fairer assessments for all"

Sign this petition to make it a KCLSU campaign.

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A new campaign to address the fairness of assessments at King's has been launched and is looking for support. The campaign called, Fairer Assessments for All is now a petition, requiring 150 signatures to become a KCLSU supported campaign.   

The aim of the campaign is to "end the King's Assessment CAP for coursework and instead, introduce 5% deductions for each day that work is late". 

A Fairer Assessment for All campaign spokesperson said:

‘We are working to bring in fair assessments for King’s Students. In the workplace, one minute past the deadline does not attract the same penalties as King’s imposes on its students.


‘We hope that a 5% deduction each day will be implemented by the university, as 16 coursework setting Russel Group universities already have.


In imploring other students to sign the peition and support this campaign, the spokesperson added

‘People should support this campaign as it will be improving their study life and that of their friends. Students sometimes push themselves to submit work the day before their deadline, afraid that things out of their control like their bus breaking down or an IT outage will mean they only get a pass. Our campaign seeks to change it so that the consequences of missing one deadline aren’t degree altering’.

To sign this petition and make this a KCLSU supported campaign, go here. 


If this campaign has inspired you to change something at King’s or in the wider world, why not launch your own campaign and let's make a differnece together!

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Tiffany Cheung
7:44pm on 31 Oct 17 I'd like to point out that the capping only exacerbates stress on students with pre-existing mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression, although it's already widely known that King's doesn't really care about that group.
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