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Scrap the Cap

Campaign aim

The cap at 40% or 50% for assessments submitted one minute past the deadline is unreasonable, archaic and a bureaucratic bygone. Vote now to introduce 5% deductions each day work is late.

  1. End the Assessment CAP, introduce instead 5% deductions each day work is late.
  2. This system takes into account IT and other unforeseen issues.
  3. 16 Russell Group universities already do this. Now is the time for King’s to do it.

Sign the petition, vote to end the assessment cap to achieve fairer assessments for all.

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Campaign Impact

The cap does not accurately prepare students for the working world where work received at 12:01 is equally valid as work received at 12:00.

A student producing 70% first class work would be given a 40% pass, this cliff edge system produces unnecessary anxieties and should be changed to gradient systems as 16 of the 22 coursework setting, more forward thinking, Russel Group universities have.

Should KCL want to address being one of the worst Russel Group universities for student satisfaction, it is about time unnecessary bureaucracy make way for student supportive policies which reflect the working world in which students will enter.

Student Impact

All students, across all faculties will positively be impacted. This will work towards increasing student satisfaction encouraging prospective students whilst increasing the enjoyment of current students. .

Campaign Update

The campaign group have had their first campaign meeting to plan the future direction of the campaign. If you would like to attend other meetings or get involved, contact campaigns@kclsu.org

Campaign Leads

  • KCL Fairer Assessment Students

Campaign Strategy Document

To be developed

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Campaign News

Campaign launched

A new campaign to address the fairness of assessments at King's has been launched and is looking for support.


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