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Carlotta’s Experience being a Student Trustee

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Autumn Elections are here and there are several positions you can nominate yourself for. One of these is the Student Trustee role.

As a Student Trustee, you’ll sit on KCLSU’s Trustee Board – deciding on the strategic future of KCLSU, as well as making important legal and financial decisions about the charity. The skills you’ll gain, such as negotiation abilities, risk assessment and budgeting, are very attractive to future employers and will be a great addition to your CV. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain invaluable skills and experience, while helping to improve our Union and student life.

We spoke to current Student Trustee, Carlotta Lardone about her experience in the position.

Why did you decide to run for the Student Trustee position?

Being a solution-oriented person, I found numerous complaints against the SU as being rather superficial. I thought of such as a communication issue, and I really wanted to improve the image of the university in the eyes of the students. I felt no one was speaking up for the students.


What did you like most about being a Student Trustee at KCLSU?

I really enjoyed the learning side of working in the SU. I am very fascinated by the inner workings of organizations and charities. I also enjoyed the discussions we had in the Board meetings, they really clarified and expanded my understanding of the individual roles in the SU. Being a Trustee I learned many of the hardships faced by the union. I am very pleased to have participated.


How have you developed in the last 12 months?

I think I have developed in terms of confidence, as I used to be a bit shy. I also realised that it is acceptable and encouraged to ask questions if you don’t understand something.


How did you feel about your general workload as a volunteer?

In terms of workload, I feel as if it was just right. Not too much nor too little.


What would you say are the skills and experience needed to perform successfully as an elected Student Trustee?

Critical reading. Evaluation. Curiosity.


If you would like to nominate yourself for the Student Trustee role, look at this page for more information about the position. You have until Monday 11 October at 12pm to nominate yourself.


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