The Autumn Elections Positions

Student Trustee

As KCLSU is a charity, we are required to have trustees. As a Student Trustee, you’ll sit on KCLSU’s Trustee Board – deciding on the strategic future of KCLSU, as well as making important legal and financial decisions about the charity. The skills you’ll gain, such as negotiation abilities, risk assessment and budgeting, are very attractive to future employers and will be a great addition to your CV. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain invaluable skills and experience, while helping to improve our Union and student life.

Being a Student Trustee for KCLSU is a voluntary, part-time role and all current KCL students are eligible to be one. The Student Trustee role starts on 1 November and ends on 31 July, so if you are interested in being nominated as a trustee you need to commit to this time frame. Some weeks are quiet with no work to review, but during a typical week when committees or the Board meets, you will need to allow 2-3 hours of time to prepare.

All Student Trustees receive support to provide you with the information you need for the role, including being buddied with an Officer Trustee (one of our Sabbatical Officers). There are four Student Trustee positions available.

What does a Student Trustee do?

  • Attend up to six Trustee Board meetings during the term of office
  • Join up to two specialist sub-committees (HR; Finance, Audit & Risk; Performance; Governance, Policy & Compliance; and Digital & Coms)
  • Make sure that KCLSU implements its 6-year strategy (2019-2025)
  • Take on a legal responsibility to ensure that KCLSU complies with charity and financial regulations by making decisions that affect the highest level of KCLSU
  • Provide the lived experience of a King’s student and bring that experience to the Board to inform decision-making
  • Make financial, legal and other Board-level decisions on behalf of KCLSU
  • Play an ambassador role, enhancing the reputation of KCLSU and King’s students across our community
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KCL Academic Board Member

The Academic Board is the body with primary responsibility for maintaining and enhancing the quality of King’s academic provision and the academic standards for awards. This authority is established in the College Charter.

The student Academic Board Members are critical to the success of the Board in providing Council with advice and assurance from the King’s community. As a student member, you will have full and equal responsibility with all other members and a particular remit to contribute your student member’s viewpoint to the Board.

Being an Academic Board Member is a voluntary, part-time role. Student members are elected for a term of one year after which you are eligible to stand for further election for a maximum of three consecutive one-year terms. If you’re successfully elected, you will develop many transferable skills as well as voicing views on the Board from a student perspective. There are nine Academic Board Member positions available.

What does an Academic Board Member do?

  • Prepare for and attend meetings of the Academic Board (usually five per year)
  • Provide Council with advice and assurance from the King’s community
  • Contribute the student member’s viewpoint
  • Respond to ad hoc requests
  • Get involved in collective decision-making
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Academic Representative

Academic Reps are student leaders empowered to make positive, student-led change within King’s.

KCLSU Academic Reps play a crucial role in ensuring that all students have a voice and an opportunity to provide feedback regarding their learning experience.

Academic Reps build a community within their faculty and utilise the structures and tools at their disposal to voice students’ opinions and shape students’ experience.

Being an Academic Representative is a voluntary, part-time role.

What does an Academic Representative do?

  • Attend a number of Faculty Committee meetings
  • Engage and communicate with peers
  • Gather feedback from peers
  • Make positive, student-led changes
  • Attend training sessions ran by KCLSU
  • Work alongside their Faculty's student-led Academic Association
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