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Autumn Elections are coming!

Autumn Elections are soon coming! The 2021 elecions will be held across September and October and will be fully digital. If you’re not sure of the exact dates, what positions are available, or even what exactly the Autumn Elections entail, then you’ve come to the right place!


What are the Autumn Elections?

KCLSU is a charity that is led by students and that aims to best serve the student’s interests. It elects student leaders biannually to make sure that the student voice always remains at the center of the organization. Autumn elections are a chance for you to present yourself and vote for different elected positions, such as Student Trustee, Academic Representative, and Academic Board Member.


What roles can students run for?

  • Student Trustee

Students can run for various different positions at this year’s Autumn Elections, such as Student Trustee. The main governing body here at KCLSU is the Trustee Board, so running for and becoming a Student Trustee is a great way to have an impact here at KCLSU, by making sure it is run in service to the students. Becoming part of the Trustee Board is an important role that bears a lot of responsibility.

To find out exactly how KCLSU is run, follow this link about governance.


  • Academic Representative

At these Autumn Elections, you can also run for the role of academic representative. An academic rep is a student leader who is here to represent the student voice and be a force for positive change throughout the university. They make sure that students can be heard and can provide feedback about the teaching and life here at King’s.

Follow this blog post to hear from previous student reps


  • Academic Board Member

Finally, students can also run for Academic Board Member. Board members are here to ensure the consistent quality of the university’s teaching and academia, as well as to oversee the standards for academic awards.


What is the timeline for the elections?

If you’re wondering about deadlines, don’t worry, you’ve still got some time to present yourself. Nominations for the different roles are open from the 27th of September to the 11th of October, while the voting will take place from the 18th to the 20th of October. Finally, results will be given on the 26th of October!


In addition to the fact that all of these positions look great on a CV, there are valuable skills to learn by filling one of these roles, such as negotiation, risk assessment, and critical thinking. These are positions of importance and responsibility, as they carry weight within KCLSU and can be a major force for positive change. If you do not nominate yourself, it is crucial to vote on the 19th of October to make your voice heard and to make sure that you and the future students at King’s have the best experience possible.