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Improving mental health

KCLSU & King's joint statement on what will be done over the next few years to improve the mental health services at King's.

KCLSU President, Ben Hunt and King's Principal, Professor Edward Byrne AC

Recognising the importance of good mental health our outgoing Union President, Ben Hunt has been working with the college on our commitments to the wellbeing of our community. This week, Ben's published a joint statement with the University on steps to improve mental health services at King’s. Ben said, "This comes after a sustained campaign for better mental health services and more funding, and I am glad, in my last week, to see the College commit to more investment and improved services for all students and staff."

Joint King’s and KCLSU statement on mental health

Improving the health and well-being of all students is a strong commitment shared by KCLSU and King’s.  
Both bodies have been exploring ways in which this commitment can be realised and are delighted to publish this joint statement of purpose outlining the key areas we will be working on together over the coming months.

•    We commit to the mental health of our whole student community, as a world-leading university in mental health research and action.
•    We will provide open, responsive and inclusive support services for all students. This includes culturally aware counselling and support services which are fully respectful of the diversity of King's students.
•    Effective emotional and physical support requires not only specialised support services appropriate for a diverse student population, but a culture which embeds care and support throughout the curriculum and creates the right spaces for individuals to develop their well-being.
•    Everyone in our community has a right to be valued, treated with respect and dignity, and these are central factors to a healthy community. We will commit to create and deliver a Mental Health Strategy that has well-being as a central part of its ethos.
•    We will create groups to lead strategic and operational decision making, based on data and world-class research, for the benefit of our current community, and in the service of society in the future.
•    Together with academics, professionals, researchers and students we will produce a mental health policy outlining the procedures and commitments King’s has in place to enable this.

Student Services and KCLSU Advice are available to help if you are facing any difficulties.
With best wishes,

Professor Edward Byrne AC                         Ben Hunt
President & Principal, King's                         President, KCLSU 


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