Ticketed Events

Planning a ticketed event?

In addition to reading the general fundraising guidance, if you are planning ticketed event please make note of the following before filling out your application:

  1. As part of your fundraising application you will be asked to fill in an event promotion form, which marketing will use to create an event page and ticket sale link.

  2. Tickets sold in advance must be sold through this page/on the hubs desks. Money raised from these sales will be deposited directly into your society/club’s charity account.

  3. In order for finance to class your event as charitable and VAT deductable, your event must specify that all profits from ticket sales will be donated to charity in all advertising and promotion, and you must specify the charity.

  4. You may also sell tickets on the door of your event – you must use at least one KCLSU charity bucket to collect ticket sale money. Instructions on the collection of buckets can be found in the general fundraising guidance.

  5. To help facilitate transactions, you can request a £30 cash float as part of your fundraising application. The value of this float must be returned in full to the hubs desk specified on your form after your event. The process for collecting and returning the float is the same as that for fundraising buckets.