Ticketed Events



In addition to reading the?general fundraising guidance, if you are planning a ticketed fundraising event please read the step-by-step guidance below in full before submitting your forms. Depending upon the scale of your event we advise students to begin this process as far in advance as possible. 

Card readers are not permitted at any KCLSU fundraising event. Any student found to be using a card reader will be asked to end their event immediately. 

Get in touch with the Volunteer team if you have any questions at [email protected]


How to Plan Your Event

  1. If you are fundraising for a charity, you must obtain and submit a charity authorisation letter from the charity you are supporting as part of your fundraising form. 

  1. Write a risk assessment for your event. If you are using buckets to fundraise, please note how you will keep money safe throughout the event. 

  1. If your online or in-person event features an external speaker, you will also need to complete an external speaker form. This must be completed 15 working days in advance. If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact [email protected].  

  1. You must inform the Volunteering Team of your fundraising event by completing the fundraising form and submitting your risk assessment and charity authorisation form. You can fundraise at your event by creating a JustGiving page for online transactions, or by requesting a bucket and £30 cash float for cash transactions, or do both! If you have requested buckets/cash float and your event is taking place out-of-hours, please remember to request an alternative procedure to return buckets after the hubs desks have closed.  

  1. You must submit an Event Promotion form which KCLSU Marketing team will use to create an event page and ticket sale link. This must be completed 10-12 working days in advance. In order for finance to class your event as charitable and VAT deductible, your must specify in the form that all profits from ticket sales will be donated to charity and you must specify the charity. 

  1. Tickets sold in advance must be sold through this page or at the hub’s desks. Money raised from these sales will be deposited directly into your student groups charity account. 

  1. You may also sell tickets on the door of your event – you must use at least one KCLSU charity bucket to collect ticket sale money. This can be requested in your fundraising form. 

  1. Once your forms have been approved it is the students responsibility to book your venue/space. The Volunteer team will put you in touch with the relevant staff member. Please keep us informed if you change your date/venue. Students who wish to carry out events in large venues, for example Grand Hall at KCL, should enquire about the venues availability as far in advance as possible. Committee members can book Activity Rooms themselves. 

  1. Upon submitting your forms, students can expect to receive confirmation from the External Speakers team, Volunteering team and Events team. 


Collecting your buckets and cash float on-the-day 

  1. You will go to the Hubs desk that you chose on your fundraising form to collect your buckets and float, if requested. Bring a piece of photo ID. This will be used as a deposit and will be returned to you once you return your bucket/float. 

  1. Buckets must be returned sealed, and the float must be returned in full. 

  1. After the fundraiser, return the bucket/float to the Hubs desk. The Hubs staff member will instruct you on how to count and bank your money – please allow 30 minutes for this and do so before the Hubs desk closes. (If you are unable to return the buckets by the deadline, you will have arranged an alternative in advance with the Volunteering Team via [email protected]).  


After your event 

  1. The funds will be held in your society’s charity account. You can check this using the ‘Activity Group and Society Current Year Accounts [relevant year]’ found under ‘Key Finance Documents’ on this page.  

  1. To send funds to your chosen charity, fill out a Payment Request Form with the bank details of the charity and notify the KCLSU Finance Team at [email protected] – more in-depth finance information is also available on your PAT training through KEATS. The money will be sent by the Finance Team to the relevant charity fortnightly, you can check whether this has taken place using the ‘Activity Group and Society Current Year Accounts [relevant year]’ found under ‘Key Finance Documents’ on this page

  2. Complete our evaluation survey to let us know how your fundraiser went. This helps us to improve the student experience.

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