JustGiving Campaign

Setting-up a JustGiving Fundraiser

Setting-up your JustGiving Page

  1. Create an account on?JustGiving,?using your student group name?(not your name, or an individual person). If possible, use your student group email address. 

  2. If you are fundraising for one charity and they are registered with JustGiving: you can?set up your JustGiving account to connect with the charity. You will still need to complete a Fundraising Form, however you will not need to provide a charity authorisation letter. 

  3. If you are fundraising for 1) one charity and they are not registered with JustGiving, 2) multiple charities, or 3) your student group: you will need to select that you are raising money for the charity King’s College London Students’ Union. KCLSU will then transfer all money raised to your chosen charity/ charities/ student group. 

  4. Set-up your fundraising webpage. Write a description of your event, upload an image and include information about the charity/ cause that you are raising money for. If your raising money for a particular item, such as a sports competition, you must outline what you will do if the target is not met / the target is exceeded / the target changes (e.g. the competition is cancelled).?

  5. Completing the Fundraising Form.

  6. Share your page to start collecting donations! You can convert your JustGiving page into a bitly link to share more conveniently, or into a QR code and print it off for events, bake sales etc. 

After your JustGiving Campaign:

  1. If your JustGiving page is connected to your chosen charity and they are based in the UK the funds will be automatically transferred to the organisation on a weekly basis, or if the total is £50 or less they will be transferred at the end of the month. If the charity is based outside of the UK, the donations will be automatically transferred bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly depending upon how the charity has chosen to set-up their account. Students can confirm with JustGiving directly as to whether their donations have been processed. 
  2. If you are fundraising for 1) one charity and they are not registered with JustGiving, 2) multiple charities, or 3) your student group the funds will be held in your society’s charity account. You can check this using the ‘Activity Group and Society Current Year Accounts [relevant year]’ found under ‘Key Finance Documents’ on this page.  
  3. To send funds to your chosen charities, fill out a Payment Request Form with the bank details of the charities and notify the KCLSU Finance Team at [email protected] – more in-depth finance information is also available on your PAT training through KEATS. The money will be sent by the Finance Team to the relevant charity fortnightly, you can check whether this has taken place using the ‘Activity Group and Society [relevant year] Accounts’ found under ‘Key Finance Documents’ on this page
  4. Complete our evaluation survey to let us know how your fundraiser went. This helps us to improve the student experience. 

JustGiving Fees

100% of the money donated to KCLSU through JustGiving will be transferred to your chosen society or charity. A monthly subscription fee will be paid to JustGiving by KCLSU directly, and will not taken from donations through student group fundraisers.

Across JustGiving, there is a payment processing fee is 1.9% + £0.20, and you can find more information about JustGiving’s fees for a UK charity here.

When using a KCLSU fundraising page, donors will not be given the option to add Gift Aid to their payment. For larger donations made by tax payers, it is recommended that the payment is made directly to the charity to maximise the impact of a donation for the charity.

JustGiving’s Terms of Service can also be found here for your reference.

Top Tips

Read our tips below on how to maximise your donations. If you have any tips of your own, please share them with us at [email protected] and we will upload them here!  

  1. Add your JustGiving website URL to your social media channels and include it in your student group email signature. 

  1. Share your website URL offline by creating a QR code and printing it off.  

  1. If you are fundraising for a charity, explain your connection to the cause and outline how the charity will use the money to help your supporters understand why you are fundraising. If you are fundraising for your student group, explain how the money will be used and how it will help your members.

  1. Let supporters know how you are doing by updating your page often, they will enjoy following your progress and you can even do it through JustGiving’s smartphone app.

  1. Write a thank you message to anyone who has supported your page – they will remember this and may be more inclined to support you in the future! 


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