Bake Sale

Planning a bake sale?

In addition to reading the general fundraising guidance, if you are planning a bake sale please make note of the following before filling out your application:

  1. You can hold a bake sale either in a KCLSU area or in the following spaces on King’s property:

    Strand Campus
    The Old Entrance Hall, The Quad

    Guy’s Campus
    The Memorial Gardens

    Waterloo Campus
    The Library Alcove, The Ground Floor Registration Desk

  2. If you would like to hold a bake sale on King’s property, a committee member will need to sign the King’s Food Waiver.

  3. A scanned copy of this waiver must be sent to the Volunteering and Fundraising Coordinator. King’s room bookings may also request a copy of this document.

  4. Only homemade products can be sold at a charity bake sale in King's spaces. Students found selling commercial products of any kind will be called in for a disciplinary meeting. You may be able to sell non homemade products in KCLSU spaces (The Shed, The Shack, The Meadow etc.) but please consult with the Volunteering and Fundraising Coordinator first.

  5. This bake sale poster must be displayed during your event. This poster advises customers that products are homemade and may therefore contain ingredients that could trigger allergies.

  6. To help facilitate transactions, you can request a £30 cash float as part of your fundraising application. The value of this float must be returned in full to the hubs desk specified on your form after your event. The process for collecting and returning the float is the same as that for fundraising buckets.