If you love all things film and cinema then why not come along to our free Studio Nights? Every other Tuesday, at 5pm in KCLSU Ground floor Bush House South East Wing. Order a drink and some popcorn from The Shack, sit back in our Fatboys and enjoy the show.
Do you love art, photography and design? Then come and check out Bush House Sessions! Every Monday, between 10am-4pm at KCLSU Ground Floor South East Wing. We’ll be showcasing some brilliant work from artists and photographers as part of The Exhibition.
We run art exhibitions, film screenings to open mike, comedy and dance performances. Keep an eye out online or enquire at our Hub desks If you’re a performer, artist or have ideas about what you’d like to see or put on in our spaces, click here
Actors, dancers, comedians, poets or musicians of all levels take to the stage at The Shack, Thursdays from 10am-5pm. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re established, just starting out or simply want to hang out and be part of the crowd. And it’s all completely free!
Bush House Sessions #Xpress: Self-Love Session
21st February 10am - 4pm
The Studio South East Wing Bush House, 300 Strand, London, WC2R 1AE
Come along to this celebration of self love and inner peace as a chance to remember what all this is about and who we're doing it for- ourselves!
Bush House Sessions #XHIBIT: Cheer Up Luv with It Stops Here
25th February 10am - 9pm
The Studio, KCLSU, Bush House Ground Floor, South East Wing, 300 The Strand
Bush House Sessions Monday #Xhibit Presents: Cheer Up Luv by Eliza Hatch with It Stops Here
Bush House Sessions #XTEND: F.R.I.E.N.D.S.fest
26th February 10am - 5pm
The Studio, KCLSU, Bush House Ground Floor, South East Wing, 300 The Strand
Bring a FRIEND and grab a bean bag - take a break and enjoy some F.R.I.E.N.D.S