Disability History Month 2018

Disability & Music

22 November - 22 December 2018

Join us for a series of events, activities and inspiration to celebrate disabled liberation throughout history and to raise awareness of the struggles faced by disabled communities at King’s and wider society.

This year, the theme for UK DHM is music and we have prepared a series of events and activities where everyone can get involved.


Disability History Month events

Why we celebrate Disability History Month

"For disabled students like myself, Disability History Month is all about educating and enriching ourselves with knowledge about the liberation movements that struggled for the rights we have today. As the majority of achievements for disabled rights have come from a historical struggle, it is really important that we remember those who fought for us. The month is also about celebrating our achievements and acknowledging the contributions that disabled people have made worldwide, which too often, go missed or unheard. Finally, it’s about disabled people increasing our visibility and coming together in these celebrations and this pursuit of knowledge - to create a better network of support and community for ourselves.

Shani Minogue, KCLSU Disabled Students’ Network Officer


Disabled Students' Network

This Network refers to all students who self-define as disabled, including (if they wish) but not limited to, students with a physical or mental impairment, a long-term medical or mental health condition or Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs). Identify as Disabled? Check our page for more specific updates . You can also contact disabled@kclsu.org about taking part, or email representation@kclsu.org for more information about networks.