Disability History Month 2017

Disability & Art

22 November - 22 December 2017 

Disability History Month is here! This year, the theme is disability & art and looks to celebrate disabled artists, artists who have featured disabled people and artists who have identified with the Disability Arts Movement to bring about social change..


Let's share our Disability History Month experiences, stories and pictures on social media throughout the week by tagging @kclsu and using the hashtag #UKDHM


Disability History Month events

Why we celebrate Disability History Month

"For disabled students like myself, Disability History Month is all about educating and enriching ourselves with knowledge about the liberation movements that struggled for the rights we have today. As the majority of achievements for disabled rights have come from a historical struggle, it is really important that we remember those who fought for us. The month is also about celebrating our achievements and acknowledging the contributions that disabled people have made worldwide, which too often, go missed or unheard. Finally, it’s about disabled people increasing our visibility and coming together in these celebrations and this pursuit of knowledge - to create a better network of support and community for ourselves.

Shani Minogue, Disabled Students’ Association Union Development Rep

Disability History Month - Access the Arts

Shakira Dyer, Disability History Month Representative and Georgie Spearing, Disabled Students Officer, have created a student-run blog to showcase what people with disabilities have acheived in the artistic and creative realms. Check it out!


The national campaign

Disability HIstory Month is something all of us can get involved with, check out the official UKDHM webpage for all the latest!


Disabled Students' Asssociation

This association refers to all students who self-define as disabled, including (if they wish) but not limited to, students with a physical or mental impairment, a long-term medical or mental health condition or Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs). Identify as Disabled? Contact disabled@kclsu.org about taking part, or email representation@kclsu.org for more information about associations.