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Combat oppression, discrimination and inequality faced by students on a local and national level
KCLSU Networks are student communities who exist to connect us, highlight current issues and empower us to act collectively to bring about change and make a difference.
We’ve got Liberation Networks to provide community, empowerment and representation to groups often marginalised in society.
Disabled Students Network

Who are we?

We represent all students who have a disability! That means all physical, mental, physiological and neurological health differences! This is anything from dyslexia, to depression, to IBD, Epilepsy, Visual or Hearing difference and Mobility difference. All are welcome here at the KCLSU Disabled Students Network!

Disability History Month 2020

Disability History Month is a time we celebrate and shine a spotlight on the achievements and contributions of the disabled community to our King’s and KCLSU community and wider society. During the month, we reflect on disabled people's experiences and their struggle for equality now and in the past. This year's theme is Access: How far have we come? How far have we to go?

Upcoming Disability History Month Events:

Meet your Disabled Network Officer: Naiyira 

Hi! I'm Naiyira Naweed, and I'm so excited to be your Disabled Network Officer for this year. I'm a third year physics student.

 I want the network to be a safe space for all disabled students, and a place where we can all feel listened to, empowered, and understood. I aim to create connections with different communities at King's, and to help raise disability awareness to make the university a more welcoming place for us all.

Please free to email me if you have any issues to raise or comments to make, or even just want to talk.

Championing Accessibility in Our Activity Groups

We are currently taking submissions from our activity groups with regards to best practice around making your events and initiatives as accessible as possible. We want to showcase groups who have committed to inclusivity and delivering your events with accessibility in mind. Get in touch by dropping [email protected] an email! 



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