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Student Volunteering Week: my experiences as a Positive Peer

Hi everyone! My name is Priya, and I am a third-year medical student. I have been volunteering for KCLSU Wellbeing as a Positive Peer since August 2020. I joined the Positive Peers because I wanted to help promote and support student mental health and wellbeing at King’s to create a happier, healthier, and flourishing community. 


Currently, I am a member of the Engagement and Online Support (EOS) strand, leading on the Positive Peers’ digital outreach. My role involves making content for the Positive Peers’ social media, writing blog posts (like this one!), creating podcasts, and producing the monthly newsletter. In the past, I have also been involved with ‘King’s Check Ins’ (short phone calls with new students to support their transition to university) and various campaigns including Take Time Out and Wellbeing Week. As you can see, there is a broad variety of activities to get involved with as a Positive Peer and I find this to be one of the most exciting and interesting aspects of the role! 


I have had so many wonderful experiences and developed a variety of useful skills by volunteering as a Positive Peer. Through content creating, I have improved my digital art skills, as well as built on my written and verbal communication skills. In general, volunteering enables us to improve our organisation and time management skills, which has provided to be incredibly beneficial in other aspects of my life, particularly as I have learnt to balance my extracurricular interests alongside medical school. 


Volunteering as a Positive Peer has also given me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful and like-minded individuals at King’s, all from different courses and backgrounds. Despite the isolating impact of the pandemic, volunteering has enabled me to connect with other students, make new friends, and feel part of a community, which has undoubtedly helped to enhance my own wellbeing and experience at King’s. 


Overall, volunteering as a Positive Peer has enabled me to develop valuable skills, take on exciting challenges, meet new people, become part of a fantastic community, and most importantly, make a difference. It has without a doubt been one of the highlights of my time at King’s


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