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Reflecting on your academic year

As part of our Take Time Out initiative, we thought it would be important to look back on the past year and share some tips about how you can also spend some time on yourself to reflect.


The past year

This year has been high in emotions for many of us. As the covid restrictions eased, we were finally allowed to see our friends and family again. Despite this, life has remained far from what we used to call “normal”. Many classes and exams have stayed online, and international travel restrictions have inconvenienced, or even barred, our travel plans. It is important to recognise what has gone right and what has gone wrong, both in public and personal life, in order to be able to project oneself into the future.



Many of us at King’s are far from our childhood home. Figuring out where you belong, as you maybe grow apart from your high-school friends and meet new people here at King’s, is essential. It is easy to feel stuck in between two places, and an antidote to feeling out of place is often to focus on oneself. Having an active reflection, rather than passively experiencing life, can be essential to understanding where one truly belongs.



The process of writing down how we are feeling and what is happening in our lives can be an excellent way to cope, process, and clarify the world around us. Once everything is down on paper, it can be much easier to see through the fog of events and emotions to see what really matters, and what we should concentrate on.



As various events shape our day-to-day, in addition to keeping a record of what is happening and how we are feeling, journaling can help us to retain memories and feel grateful for what we have. While life often feels like an endless chase for the next thing, journaling can provide us with the opportunity to slow down and reflect on the past and present.



Take Time Out is about taking relief from the hectic daily life and spending some time on yourself. Reflection is a key part of this. To find out about other ways to reflect and take a break, visit our Take Time Out page.


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