"Not every disability is visible"


A new campaign aiming to support people with invisible disabilities in using accessible toilets by improving toilet signage has been proposed. The campaign Not every disability is visible, is now a petition, requiring student and association signatures to become a KCLSU supported campaign.


A campaign spokesperson said, "an increasing number of individuals at university are experiencing health challenges, dealing with 'invisible' mental and physical conditions that may not seem externally obvious.

"During difficult periods, they may require the use of accessible facilities but may feel stigmatised or judged by others when doing so, due to their condition being invisible. These improved accessible toilet signs we hope will eliminate that stigma, whilst raising awareness that certain disabilities can be hidden and not always noticeable.  

"Furthermore, we hope to include posters in conjunction with the signs, signposting individuals to welfare services available at the university, for those seeking further help and support."  

The campaign is seeking support from KCLSU members and the campaign team are clear as to why people should get behind it;

"Statistics from the Higher Education Funding Council for England demonstrates a 56% increase from 2011 to 2016 in the number of individuals entering university with a known disability. Figures from YouGov show that more than one in four students in 2016 experienced a mental health problem.

"Furthermore, physical conditions such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease affects at least one in 200 people in the UK. Consequently, a significant proportion of the staff and student body here at King's will be affected by or know someone experiencing a disability, many of which may be invisible.

"Through this campaign, we therefore hope to establish a more inclusive university environment and help create an institution which is more accepting and supportive of individuals living with a chronic or invisible condition, ultimately improving the educational experience for all.’"

You can show your support for this campaign on the campaign webpage.

If this campaign has inspired you to change something at King’s or in the wider world, why not launch your own campaign and let's make a difference together!


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