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Meet your Student Officer team for 2020/21!


President – Salma Hussain:

I have just completed three years of my Biochemistry degree at King's and I’m excited to represent the views of the students to make effective and lasting change to benefit members of the King's community. I hope that I can make the university experience as enjoyable as possible for all students during this challenging yet unique year ahead!

 “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! I gave myself the challenge of sitting next to someone new in every lecture and I made lots of friends doing this”

Find out more about Salma's aims this year here:

Salma's Page


VP Activities and Development - Niall Berry


I've just finished my physiotherapy degree and during that time was involved with a number of student activity groups, including serving as President of KCL Muay Thai for two years. I stood in the elections to support well-being, transparency and inclusiveness across the SU, and look forward to working with many of you during my time in office!


“Starting uni is an amazing opportunity to take up something new. KCLSU has a huge number of societies and clubs for all kinds of activities and they add so much to your time at uni, so make sure you find a group that fits you and get involved!”


Find out more about Niall's aims this year here:


Niall's Page


VP Education (Arts & Sciences) - Vatsav Soni


Hello everyone, I’m Vatsav and I’m the incumbent VP Education (Arts and Sciences) for this academic year. I’m currently a Law student here at the Dickson Poon School of Law and I am looking forward to representing you in the upcoming year, especially given the unusual changes brought about by the pandemic. This year I will chiefly be focusing on enhancing student representation at the grassroots level, revising the university’s policies and approach to assessments and ensuring more transparency to university and union governance.


Find out more about Vatsav's aims this year here:


Vatsav's Page


VP Education (Health) - Aless Gibson


I'm Aless, your Vice President Education (Health) for this year. This is a challenging time for health students and faculty staff alike, so my priority this year is to ensure you feel heard and valued in conversations with your departments. Communities of any kind, from universities and societies to healthcare teams work better when everyone feels involved, so I hope to open up spaces for conversation and make you confident to be in them!
With two years of medical school under my belt, I know how hard and isolating studying a health subject can be - if you ever have any questions, get in touch!


Find out more about Aless's aims this year here:


Aless's Page


VP Postgraduate - Heena Ramchandani


I am an MA Political Economy student and currently elected as the VP Postgraduate. I am very excited to work with the Union to enhance the postgraduate student experience.


I look forward to representing my fellow postgraduates and work hard to ensure an overall enhanced postgraduate student experience.


“KCLSU is a medium to connect each and every student at King's so make sure to interact and engage - we're all here for you!"


Find out more about Heena's aims this year here:


Heena's Page


VP Welfare and Community - Tasnia Yasmin


Hi, I'm Tasnia and I am your VP Welfare & Community. I am a recently graduated Geography student and I look forward to representing you all this year!


“My top tip for welcome is to take advantage of everything that is happening; meet different people, join societies and embrace university life. You’re at a world class university in some of the most unprecedented times in history so make sure to look after yourself and have fun!”


Find out more about Tasnia's aims this year here:


Tasnia's Page


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