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How to Maintain a Study/Life Balance During Exam Season

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Exams are coming up, and while it’s important to feel prepared, it’s also important to maintain a balance between studying and the rest of your life. Studying as much as possible may seem like a good idea, but your mental and physical health may suffer as a consequence - so maintaining that balance can actually boost your marks! Here are our top tips for balancing your uni work and life in this busy season.

Set yourself (realistic) goals
Maybe you’ve got three essays, two exams, and a presentation to get done, so you promise yourself you’ll do two essays today and everything else tomorrow. We’ve all been there, and we all know it doesn’t work! Setting yourself goals is a great way to keep on top of your work, but they should reflect how much work you’re reasonably capable of getting done while also reserving time for yourself. Instead of trying to get all your work done in one go, you can also try setting yourself time limits for each day and using the time left to take care of yourself. 


Don’t overdo it
It might be tempting to pull an all-nighter studying before an exam, but you won’t be working at full capacity with no sleep. Studying is important, but your mental and physical health should come first. Allow yourself a good night’s sleep, healthy meals, and some time to unwind after long studying sessions. It might sound obvious, but prioritising your health can go a long way in maintaining that balance.


Reward yourself
It’s easier to get work done when you know you have something to look forward to at the end of it! Try leaving yourself an hour after studying to do something that makes you feel good - whether that’s baking, taking a bath, or watching your favourite show. Maintaining your wellbeing will make the exam season seem much less daunting.


Don’t close off friends and family
While turning your phone off and setting time limits on social media might be great for studying, exam season doesn’t mean you should shut yourself off from the world! Even just a quick chat after a studying session with a friend or family member can help to keep stress at bay and make you feel more grounded. If you have friends you know you can get work done around, group study sessions (in person or over video call) can also be a great way to feel connected.


Be realistic about time commitments 
While you theoretically might have time to go out every evening after studying or take on more shifts at work during exams, your body and mind likely won’t be happy with you when you start your uni work the next morning. On the other hand, exam season doesn’t mean you have to work 24/7! Scheduling a reasonable amount of fun activities during the week when you’ve got the time can help to avoid burnout and keep you on track.


Best of luck on your exams, you've got this!


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