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Exams are now online - what does this mean for you?

Salma KCLSU President smiling

You may have seen Nicola Phillips' video last week which revealed that exams are online for this academic year, as a result of a decision made at Academic Board, which 4 officers sit on. Covid is really messing up our lives rn. However, I am here to tell you that it'll be fine. Myself, and the other officers, have experienced the very rapid transition to online assessment last year and it was fine.

On a more serious note, all officers are working closely with the University to ensure no student is disadvantaged in this decision. Essentially, our job is to ask KCL: have you thought about how different groups of students are affected by this transition? And pressure them to come up with solutions that work for you. For example, recently, I was telling KCL what about students who live in disruptive environments at home, how are we going to ensure they are not disadvantaged compared to peers who have a quiet space to work at? I feel like at this point, my purpose in life is to poke holes in KCL's plans but it's a good purpose!

However, the officers are only experts in our OWN student experiences and can be oblivious to specific situations which we may not have considered. If you do think there are factors we need to consider, please do drop an email to the relevant officer and we will endeavor to get back to you.


This is a challenging year, but we can get through it if we all work together.


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