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Accounts You Should Follow This SHAG Week


SHAG Week is finally here, and now is your chance to take a look at some of the influencers playing a pivotal role in shaping conversations around sexual health and wellbeing. Here’s our roundup of influencers, including both local advocates and global experts, to follow on Instagram this SHAG Week for insightful and empowering content. 

Shan Boodram (@shanboodram) 

Renowned sexologist, author and TV presenter, Shan Boodram, uses her platform to educate and empower individuals in the realm of sexual health. Her engaging content covers a wide range of topics, offering a refreshing and inclusive perspective on relationships and intimacy. 

Casey Tanner (@queersextherapy) 

As an LGBTQ+ advocate and sex educator, Casey Tanner shares informative content focused on diverse sexual health experiences. Their platform provides a safe space for discussions around consent, communication, and embracing one’s identity. 

Courtney Brame (@courtneybrame_) 

Courtney Brame, host of “The Something Positive” podcast, is dedicated to dismantling stereotypes and promoting sexual health within the Black community. His content explores cultural nuances and addresses the importance of inclusivity in conversations about intimacy, as well as STI education and stigma-free communication for dating with herpes. 

SH24 NHS (@SH24_NHS) 

SH24 NHS is a platform that provides comprehensive sexual health services online. Here you can access reliable information, resources, and updates on events and initiatives related to sexual health within the NHS framework. 

Undressing Disability (@undressingdisability) 

Undressing Disability focuses on breaking down barriers and fostering conversations around sex and disability. This inclusive platform challenges stereotypes, offering insights and resources to create a more accessible and understanding approach to sexual health. 

Sexpression UK (@sexpressionuk) 

Sexpression UK is a student-led organisation that empowers young people to make informed decisions about their sexual health. Their account provides access to educational resources, workshops and events that promote positive sexual health practices. King’s even has our own branch @sexpressionkcl, so make sure to get in touch with them if you want to be involved. 

This SHAG week, explore a diverse range of voices in the realm of sexual health and wellbeing. These influencers contribute to discussions fostering awareness, understanding and inclusivity. Follow these voices to stay informed and engaged.

Brook (@brook_sexpositive)

Brook is a charity supporting people with their sexual health and wellbeing. They offer a range of services to support our mission of helping people to live healthier lives. On Monday 5 February,they'll be set up in The Shed cafe on Guy's Campus ready to answer any questions you might have about sex, sexual health or relationships. You can find out more here.



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