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Who is Reggie? Celebrating 150 years of KCLSU

How it all began: the tug-of-war between London universities 

 The evolution of Reggie began as any good story does: a good old-fashioned rivalry. 

A testament to the enduring spirit of rivalry and camaraderie, the birth of Reggie came amid the fierce tug-of-war between King's College London and University College London. 

As the story goes, UCL had their very own mascot, Phineas. In 1922, sparked by UCL’s arrogance and some alleged challenges to our rugby prowess, the first ever mascot heist ensued. While King’s was successful in their kidnapping, Phineas was finally restored to UCL’s campus, albeit with a casualty to its arm - it sparked the quest for a mascot that would truly embody the pride and courage of a King's student. 

And so, in 1923, Reggie was born. 

A majestic red lion, symbolic of the resilience and valour of King's students, was acquired from Euston Road for a mere £7. This magnificent creature found its permanent residence in Bush House on Strand Campus, christened as 'Reggie' by the Students' Union. The legacy of Reggie was born from the fires of rivalry, becoming a symbol that transcended the initial skirmishes and hardships. 

The ensuing decades saw Reggie standing tall, both literally and metaphorically, weathering further mascot kidnappings involving institutions such as Queen Mary, Imperial College and LSE. Yet Reggie endured, standing proudly (behind a glass case) outside The Vault. 

As we look back on 150 years of the King's College London Students' Union, Reggie stands tall as a symbol of our journey. Reggie's been there for the nail-biting Varsity wins and has seen us shape our unique King's identity. 

As we commemorate 150 years of King's College London Students' Union, we're not just applauding Reggie's resilience but also raising a glass to the lasting spirit of KCLSU – true trademarks of our university. 

Reggie's roar reverberates through time, shouting out our pride, courage, and unity here at King's College London. Cheers to 150 years of stories, friendly competition and the lasting legacy of our Reggie the Lion!

A symbol of Reggie’s legacy is available for purchase at the KCLSU Union Shop. Available to buy is a plush toy of Reggie, Reggie mascot iron-on patches and Reggie stickers (only available in-store on the Strand campus). Purchase at: The Union Shop ( and wear your Reggie merch with pride!


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