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What's it like winning a KCLSU Award?

Nominations for KCLSU Awards are now open! We can't wait to acknowledge those who have helped make KCLSU and the King's community a better place, going above and beyond to create the best student experience possible.

We spoke to previous winners about their experience winning, the importance of Awards for KCLSU community, and their advice to those unsure about nominating.





Anchalee Parr – Laurel Award Winner 2021
What did it mean to you to win an award?
I felt delighted to win the Laurel Award in the KCLSU Awards 2021 ceremony. This recognition means a great deal to me because it reflects that all my hard work has paid off. It’s an honour to recognised for my many contributions to KCLSU and the college community, for going above and beyond my role as the Chair of the Activities Committee and volunteering in a number of different positions across KCLSU. I think it's a really nice way to end the academic year by celebrating and highlighting the achievements and successes we have had. It really motivates me to continue to go above and beyond what I do in the coming 12 months during my final year at KCL.


What would you say to someone unsure about nominating a club, a society or an individual?
I would say to them not to worry if they can’t think of a club, a society or an individual to nominate because with over 400+ student activity groups here at King’s, it can feel overwhelming and hard to choose from a wide range of options. I would say do nominate an individual or a team if you feel they have made a positive impact on your university experience or whom you have seen really went above and beyond their role to make your student life and/or the King’s community better. These recognitions can bring a positive change - so don’t forget to nominate someone amazing.


Why is it important to the KCLSU community?
I think nominating a club, a society or an individual to win an award is really important to the KCLSU community. The nomination process brings us together as a community, to reflect on how far we have come, and the things we have accomplished. It celebrates the time, energy and knowledge that talented individuals and great teams have contributed to enhance students’ experiences here at university. 


What’s your favourite thing about Awards?
My favourite thing about the Awards is how exciting it is to find out who the winners of the Awards are. It’s also remarkable to see the diversity of students, staff and groups being nominated for the Awards. This really reflects on the ambitious, hardworking and talented individuals we have here. To be a part of it makes me really proud.


Rhea Kher – President of the Year 2021 (Activities and Media)
What did it mean to you to win an award?
Winning this award for me shows all that I have achieved this year, all the support we’ve gained as a society and how far it has come from when I first started it in my second year. It not only shows that I was an effective leader but that what we achieved together made a real difference to our members and made them feel represented.




What can you say to someone unsure about nominating a club, a society or an individual?
Don’t undermine your efforts. You’ve spent a year, if not more, being an active member of your club or society or even if you’ve seen someone else go above and beyond to follow their passion, nominations take less than 5 mins to send in - your work deserves to be seen and celebrated by the wider student community, don’t let 5 mins get in the way of you winning an award.


Why is it important to the KCLSU community?
It helps students see what others have been doing the past year, including societies that they weren’t a part of or didn’t know existed. It encourages team spirit as everyone looks back at what they’ve achieved in the past year and they come together to nominate each other and their clubs or societies.  


What’s your favourite thing about Awards?
Awards can really bring together your passions, interests, and hard work into a success story and an achievement that will last a lifetime as well as bring attention to some of the most niche groups at KCLSU that would otherwise be looked over. There’s something for everyone to celebrate.




Pratyaksha Purohit – Honorary Life Membership Award Winner 2021
What’s your favourite thing about Awards?
Being a part of one of the UK’s largest student communities of more than 40,000 people, and winning an award here suddenly puts things into perspective of how far the impact of your work is reaching. It further motivates you to consistently work to keep improving the community that we are all part of, and that to me was the best part of winning the award. 




Bernie Rivard – Laurel Award Winner 2021


What does it mean to you to win an award?


I’m delighted to be awarded KCLSU’s Laurel for dedication to society work, mentorship and wider causes. Being recognised for playing a small part in contributing to an already special KCL community is an honour. I strongly encourage anyone who knows of someone impacting their university experience for the better to get nominating!




You can find out more about Awards here.


















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