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Vote in the KCLSU Autumn Elections!

Get your voice heard! One of the best ways of doing that is through - you guessed it - voting. The past couple of years have been tough, and the need for strong representation is stronger than ever. By voting, you decide who will drive change in the future.


Who can you vote for?

During the Autumn Elections you can vote for many different positions, including the next Student Trustees, Academic Board Members, Academic Representatives, and Academic Associations Committee Members.

Student Trustees join the KCLSU Trustee Board, Academic Reps influence King’s by making sure that student’s concerns and feedback are heard, while Academic Board Members make sure that the quality of the university’s teaching stays up to par.

If you’re still unsure what these elections are really about and what the different roles entail, click here to read more!


Why should you vote?

KCLSU is organized as a democratic charity, and as you know, any democratic process can only work if people vote! The true purpose of this union is to be in service to the students of King’s, but that is only possible if the students are heard.


That is why it is crucial to vote. You vote has a real impact, because it chooses who will sit on important boards and who will represent you. Make sure to read the manifestos of the different candidates and vote for what you believe in!




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