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Thriving, not Surviving: The Science of our Intelligent Heart

Most of us have heard of how our heart and brain are interlinked, however, it is not commonly known that the role of the heart goes far beyond merely keeping us alive. Join us for a fascinating talk where we will be exploring the role our heart plays in our ability to deal with stress, make complex decisions and remain resilient during times of challenge.

We will be joined by professional coach Jonathan Rennison who will be exploring the science behind our heart and brain link (including a live demonstration) and what we can do to increase our ability to remain resilient in times of high stress, reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and how we can make the best decisions, even when under pressure. 

The talk will be on Wednesday, 27th March. It will start at 5.45pm and will run till 6.45pm, followed by a reception afterwards with refreshments and activities. In addition, you will also get the opportunity to try out technology that can help you see how your heart rhythm reflects your own emotional wellbeing.