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Things to help with your mental wellbeing

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Let me begin by saying wellbeing is fundamentally a state of mind, a state of being comfortable, healthy and happy, and try as you might, all the bath salts in the world won’t change that. Nonetheless, there are certainly a few things that help us feel happier and healthier, so I hope you enjoy my take on products that help with mental wellbeing.

Nutritious Food

Comfort food will forever have a special place in my heart – and around my waistline, but eating nutritious food is ultimately what makes me feel good and happy on a daily basis. This year, invest in doing proper food shops & buying veg –  frozen fruit and veg is a great way to get your nutrients without breaking the bank or worrying that your food will go off. If you love smoothies, buy a simple hand blender. Maybe treat yourself to a Mindful Chef subscription? No matter how you go about it, ensure that you’re investing in your nutrition, because eating well will help you feel better – and cooking is a great distraction from essays!


I know that I always feel better when I’m keeping fit. Endorphins aren’t a lie. Who knew? Jokes aside, getting outside, and moving your body will really help your mental wellbeing. Fitness is also so different for everyone, so it allows you to enjoy some time by yourself. If you like walking, invest in a pedometer. Maybe you want to look good, and feel good? Buy some new workout clothes. If you like to be able to track your workouts, invest in a fitness app. If you miss the gym, by some weights. If you need other people to motivate you, invest in a subscription to fitness classes. It’s definitely not a case of one size fits all, but your fitness and health is always worth investing in.

Alarm clock

How many of us know that sleeping with our phones in another room would be infinitely better for our health, but continually use the excuse that we need an alarm to get out of bed? Invest in an alarm clock and try not to be on your phone in the hour before you go to sleep. Equally, try not to go on your phone for the first hour after you wake up. No one needs to be hit by the anxiety of the news, or anyone else’s highlight reel first thing in the morning. Buy an alarm clock, it’ll do more for you than any sleep app ever could.


Studying from home may seem easy sometimes, however it still requires huge amounts of organisation. Get yourself a notebook or a calendar so that you can easily visualise the things you need to know. Being on top of my work really helps put my mind at ease, and keeping lists makes everything feel much more manageable. Scented candles are great, but sometimes wellbeing really is as simple as being organised and knowing you can manage whatever you have on your plate.

Honestly, looking back over this list, I know I sound painfully sensible, but I promise, the best products to buy to help with your mental wellbeing will be the simplest. They’re always the most effective. And don’t forget, self-care looks different on everyone. Make sure to do what works for you!


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