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Elections - All you need to know

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This may be your first year at King's –we feel you- or maybe it's your last year, and you've never get involved in KCLSU Elections before. Either way, you landed here, and you are in the right place to understand everything about 2022 Spring Elections, KCLSU Elections and student elections in general.

Let's start from the basics: Student Unions exist to give students the academic advice they need, to help them connect with others, offering tools to broaden their horizons to develop their experience and ultimately get their voices heard. King's College London Student Union is then, a democratic charity for students, led by students.

For that, we organise a democratic set of elections where all King's students can stand and vote for their future representatives, both in a College and Union setting. Different unions across the UK organise this setting differently, and at KCLSU, we have two:

  • Autumn Elections: They usually happen at the beginning of the Academic year, around September/October. Autumn Elections are heavy in the number of roles, with more than 200 posts available covering different work areas at the Student's Union, like Academic Reps or union Development Committee Members, for example.


  • Spring Elections: They happen from around February to March, and they intend to elect mainly our team of Student Officers and significant roles like Academic Associations Committee Members or NUS delegates. These positions are filled by students who will make decisions affecting the academic and non-academic future of their King's peers: your classes, your wellbeing at uni, your tuition etc.


All students at King's can –depending on their course and studies- stand, submitting their nomination to represent their peers, making a change and ultimately gain experience and skills in return (among other benefits).

Like every democratic election, at KCLSU, there are different stages where you can stand, campaign, cast your vote, and find out results

As they say, knowledge is power. Now you have the power to change your and your peer's future. You can stand for any of the positions, you can cast your vote later on in March, or you can choose not to do either.

Whether you want things to change, or things to stay the same, action is needed.

Don't be the change, be the action.



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