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Shaurya: End of Year Report


Nap Pods at KCL: Two Nap Pods have just been installed at the Franklin Wilkins Building. Students can now catch up on some extra sleep while studying long hours during exam times.


Affordable accommodation at King’s: Robert and I have been active members of the Rent Setting Group and have worked to make the accommodation more affordable for students. We have managed to get a 2% increase in the number of King’s Affordable Accommodation Scheme (KAAS) beds.


Disabled Sports: I invited London Sport to visit and train the coaches of sports teams at King’s on how to make sports more accessible for students with disability. We hope to put a structure in place to make sports at Kings as inclusive as possible.


A better deal for International Students: I have been closely working with College International Committee and KCL Vice Principal Dr Funmi Olonisakin for better representation of international students and ensuring a smooth Brexit for the student body.


Robert and I have also been working with the university to make a joint submission to the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for International students. Our submission was accepted, and the Immigration White Paper has suggested that each Non-EU undergraduate and postgraduate student should get an additional six-month visa from their course end date.


University Challenge: This year, we had one of the most successful university challenge trials in our history. We had over 150 people attend it, out of which the top eight were selected for the second round. This was the first time we had a second round in the university challenge trails. The top five then formed a team and entered the competition. KCL has never won the university challenge but, I hope we change that this time around.


Wednesday Night at Vault: The famous KCLSU Sports night is back at the Vault. This has enabled KCLSU to expand its commercial operations and utilise our beautiful spaces at Bush House efficiently. Credit goes to the commercial team at KCLSU who have worked relentlessly for this.


Ongoing Projects

Recruitment Cell: As a part of the Internationalisation strategy at King’s, I had visited India to form a placement cell at King’s for students who wish to work in India. King’s will be the first university in London and probably the UK to offer direct international placements.


Digital Transformation at KCLSU: I have worked closely with our Digital and Communication team at KCLSU to build a new website for the union. We also had an app for the Fresher’s fair, which received a great response with almost 5000 downloads and 14 visits per device (Total 69000 visits). We are now working to see how we can improve our services by providing a full-time app for students.

Our VP for Health Faculties Hannan Badar and I have worked with our Director of Digital and Communications Mayur Paul to form a new subcommittee to the trustee board called the Digital and Communications committee. This will oversee our whole process of digital transformation at KCLSU.


Commercial Surplus at KCLSU: Despite having great venues and cafes, KCLSU has not made a commercial surplus for several years. I have been working with the commercial team to introduce new events and to encourage societies to have events at our spaces by giving them better deals than any other venues in zone one.


Team King’s: I have been working with KCLSU and King’s Sports to form a community for our sports clubs so that the students feel a sense of pride while playing for our university. No matter the sport played, you will be a part of team King’s.


External speaker form wait time to be reduced from 15 days: I have received a lot of complaints from societies who face difficulties inviting external speakers for events on campus. The external speaker form needs to be filled out at least 15 working days before the event. I have been working with the Freedom of Expression Advisory group to reduce this time by forming a single risk assessment process.



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