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Campaigning at KCLSU

What are campaigns?

The aim of KCLSU Campaigns, called Union Campaigns, is to challenge and provoke thought and change. Change in behaviors, policies, and mindsets affect not only KCLSU members but also students at large.

Campaigns are supported by your student officers at KCLSU and you will work in tandem with your elected student representatives in building awareness, recruiting new members and volunteers, and making sure you can have a successful campaign and have a real impact.


How are campaigns created?

Union Campaigns are created and developed either through the manifestos of our elected Officer Team or through our elected Network Committees, Union Development Committees, and Academic Associations.

While they usually run these campaigns, you can also submit your own campaign.

The first step to creating a campaign is to start to think about what exactly you want to do. Once you have a rough idea of the campaign you would like to launch, you should fill out a quick form (which you can find here), letting the campaigns team know a rough outline of your idea and how you want to implement it.

If the Student Officer Team approves your campaign, you will then directly meet our team in order for them to provide guidance and help you to further develop the project. This is when you’ll be able to meet your student representatives and start promoting and putting your ideas into action.

You can also read the Campaign Toolkit, (you can find it here) which is full of useful information about team building, funding, communication, and much more.


What campaigns exist at KCLSU?

Here at KCLSU, we create, run, and promote many different campaigns, touching on a wide variety of societal and student issues. The #NoMore campaign tackled harassment in King’s through raising awareness and petitions. The KCL Go Fund Yourself campaign holds several actions to help student funding, including drawing feedback on the King’s Living Bursary, lobbying for more scholarships and bursaries, and pushing for fairer funding for post-graduates. A final and more current example can be found in the Keep It Real campaign, which is focused on pushing for as much in-person teaching as possible for students of King’s.

There are many different campaigns here at KCLSU and it’s impossible to list them all here, so click here to learn more about them!


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