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Mohamed: End of Year Report

Hello everyone; it’s been an amazing year being your Education Officer but part of the journey is the end (Endgame reference), and now along with the rest of the Officer team we’re getting ready to hand over to the new team, so your issues are not forgotten, and you continue to be represented. 


Liberate our Education: I will be continuing this campaign next year, so if you didn’t get a chance to join this year, it’s not too late. One of the aims of the campaign is to ensure that the College is conscious of the different ways that students experience King’s and is committed to guaranteeing that you are all experiencing an education without limitation. Since coming to King’s, I noticed the disparity in the ways that students navigate King’s. I saw how the institution contributed to creating an environment which left students like me feeling like we merely study at King’s as opposed to being “of” King’s. As part of the campaign, we are creating a resource tool for students that will help when organising within departments to drive for a liberated education.


Academic representation: Our Academic Representative review will conclude by the end of the 3rd term. As part of the evaluation, various students and staff were consulted, including many academic reps and Academic Association leads. The result will be a set of recommendations on how to move the structure of representatives at both course and faculty level. I'm very excited to see the outcomes and recommendations from the review and look forward to not only seeing an improved representation system but getting the chance to experience as I return to being a King's student.


Teaching at King's: There's been some inspirational work done by students and departments in tackling issues such as better representation and funding for women and non-binary students working in STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). There's been considerable work done to create a more diverse and decolonised curriculum featuring improving teaching methods to make it far more accessible. We must now move to a stage where every department is following in these examples.

As always you can contact me through email if there are any issues you are experiencing, I still have two months left to be useful!


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