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KCLSU x Stop the Music joint statement

The Stop the Music Anti-Spiking Campaign began after an increase in reported spiking incidents that took place at venues across the country – including KCLSU’s Guy’s Bar – in the 2021-22 academic year. 

As a result of a successful campaign endorsed by 235 society and sport club presidents, KCLSU and Stop the Music have worked together to apply the following policies as a positive step towards ensuring student safety at Guy’s Bar Wednesday Sports Nights:

  • The placement of trained and certified first aid professionals at club events – KCLSU has reached an agreement with St Johns Ambulance over this provision. Expansion of Safe Zones within Guy’s Bar that will act as an accessible base for St Johns Ambulance first aiders at club events – Safe Zones are now clearly signposted and available to any student who may feel vulnerable or require assistance.
  • Standardise the approach of helping vulnerable students when leaving KCLSU venues – name and student number of vulnerable person to be recorded on a ‘Vulnerable Leavers’ spreadsheet as well as the details of any person/s with them. A welfare check will then be carried out the next day by the duty manager by text or email where appropriate.
  • Further Anti-Spiking measures that were not included in the Stop the Music’s policy document but have since been implemented by KCLSU include the employment of female security guards, the expansion of Guy’s Bar’s CCTV capabilities, and the development of routine circuit patrols across the venue by security staff. 

The above initiatives demonstrate KCLSU’s commitment to making their club events feel safe and inclusive to all students.

St Johns volunteers began their presence at Guy’s Bar Sports Nights on Wednesday 8 March alongside the above outlined policies. The event was well received by Guy’s Bar staff, security staff and Stop the Music campaign members, and we believe this new practice is a positive first step in ensuring student safety at Guy’s Bar club events.

The Campaign would like to thank KCLSU staff for its support in discussing the process of policymaking at the Union and, crucially, committing to enacting a wide range of Anti-Spiking measures. The Commercial Manager at Guy’s Bar, Eimear McCann, would like to thank the campaign team for their hard work and adaptability; the team at Guy’s Bar is dedicated to creating a safe venue for all students and they are grateful for the help and ideas that Stop the Music members have brought forward.

The Campaign would also like to acknowledge the importance of student support in pushing forward the safeguarding policies outlined in this statement. The Campaign and KCLSU are particularly eager to express gratitude to the VP Welfare & Community, Martina Chen, who played a crucial role in representing the student voice and supporting the relationship between Stop the Music and KCLSU. Their involvement has served as a major example of successful Student Union politics.

KCLSU and the Stop the Music Campaign have engaged in numerous debates regarding the proposed policies and, despite some disagreements, both parties have managed to reach consensus. This shows laudable patience and a commitment to pragmatic lobbying on the part of the Campaign. KCLSU and the Stop the Music Anti-Spiking Campaign look forward to continuing their positive working relationship to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students.


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