Important announcement about KCLSU Elections

We are sorry to announce that the elections results night event in the Shed was postponed. This is because the Returning Officer for KCLSU, the National Union for Students (NUS) has determined that the election results for the positions of President, Vice President Education (Arts & Sciences), Vice President Education (Health), Vice President Activities & Development, International Students officer and NUS delegates cannot be declared at this time. Full details of the Elections Disciplinary Procedure can be found on our website.

Elections disciplinary investigations relating to at least one candidate for each of the positions above must be completed before the results can be declared. Once the investigation processes for these candidates have been concluded we will be able to confirm the outcome of the elections.


We have announced the results for the nine posts below and these are available here.

  • Vice President Postgraduate
  • Vice President Welfare & Community
  • Disabled Students' Officer
  • LGBT+ Officer (open place)
  • LGBT+ Officer (trans place)
  • People of Colour Officer
  • Student Parents' & Carers' Officer
  • Widening Participation Officer
  • Women's Officer

UPDATE: as of Monday 12 March, we have also announced the following positions:

  • Vice President Education (Arts & Sciences) 
  • Vice President Education (Health)

Complaints about violation of KCLSU election code of conduct were investigated for these positions. We can confirm that the investigation did not uphold these complaints.


We are aware that this will cause disappointment to voters and candidates alike and will be holding a question and answers session for candidates at Strand on Monday to answer the questions we can. We will aim to bring you the results as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.