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If you see harassment, say something!

If you’ve been around campus recently, you might have seen posters and screens for our new anti-harassment campaign, “How Would You React?”

As your VP Welfare and Community, I know that harassment happens at KCL. This isn’t just about sexual harassment either; we know that there are other forms of harassment, including racism, harassment of LGBT+ people, and Islamophobia. That’s why I came up with this campaign; I believe that we all have a part to play in stopping harassment, and sometimes it’s as simple as telling someone that it’s happening.

Our KCLSU venues staff and KCL security staff are trained to respond to incidents of harassment. We are in the process of implementing Ask for Angela training for our staff at The Vault and Guy’s Bar, too. So, don’t ignore, laugh or freeze if you see harassment – even if you don’t feel comfortable stepping in by yourself, you can let KCLSU staff or security know, and they’ll sort it out.


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