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How to support responsible consumption in your day-to-day life

In the second week of February we celebrate Sustainability Week. KCLSU joins in the initiative offering a wide range of events and workshops to help us make more planet-friendly everyday choices, as this year’s edition focuses on Sustainable Development Goal #12 – Responsible Consumption and Production. In this post you will find some handy tips for implementing this goal in your life.

Implement conscious choices when choosing how to travel. Using sustainable modes of transport, such as public transportation, cycling and walking you support SDG12. Limiting how often you travel by car and plane is another step you can take to reduce your carbon footprint. 

The fashion industry is a significant contributor to atmospheric emission, alongside natural resource pollution from dyes and chemicals used in the manufacturing process. This is why we should be thinking twice about what, where and how often we buy. Apart from simply limiting how much clothing we purchase, renting and swapping clothes or choosing to buy second hand all actively work towards SDG12.  Re-using, renting and buying pre-loved is a sustainable way to shop fashion – and a simple way to support responsible consumption. If you love these ideas and are interested to find out more, you can support sustainable fashion by visiting on of our Sustainability Week events:

  • TVC Vintage offers pre-loved clothing to students at extremely well priced rates; next week they’ll have their pop-up market at Guy’s Campus, located next to The Shed. With everything £20 or less, look no further for quality clothing! Read more here! 
  • One Wear Freedom offers a rental service for clothing, meaning ‘one wear’ items such as dresses can be rented once and reused by others. You can also get your first clothing rental for free! They’ll be at the Studio at Bush House (Strand Campus) on Thursday 9 February. More details here!

Dietary Habits 
Another industry that contributes greatly to greenhouse emissions is meat and dairy production. By reducing consumption of these products, you can limit your carbon footprint and show commitment to responsible consumption and production. This can be as easy as choosing to eat veggie one day a week or swapping from cows’ milk to oat! 

  • Minor Figures are a sustainable coffee company and they’ll be on campus next week offering up some great-tasting oat milk products, including an exciting giveaway of their Nitro Latte Cans! Find out more here.

Follow us closely for more upcoming Sustainability initiatives!


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