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How it felt getting accepted into King’s

Guy's Campus near London Bridge

It’s A-levels result week! We wish everyone waiting for their results the best of luck! Are you excited to be a King’s student? Or maybe you’re feeling anxious? Or is it a mix of both? Here's how some King’s students felt when they found out they were accepted to King’s.


I was very excited to receive my acceptance offer from King’s. During my unconventional undergraduate experience, I had the opportunity to study at King’s for a year abroad where I made friends in the International Marketing program. After graduating from The American University of Paris in 2017 with a BA in Creative Writing, I spent two years in the workforce but wanted to strengthen my digital expertise. The Digital Marketing MSc at King’s is the only Masters program I applied to — so it was both quite a relief and delight to learn that I earned a place.


When I applied to King’s I was studying at a university in my home country, doing a course that I’d had great expectations for, but was in fact entirely unfulfilling. I was still studying the course when I received my offer from King’s. I can’t tell you how happy I was to have received an offer from such a renowned university and for a highly competitive course. I was also very relieved that I could stop attending the course I really wasn’t enjoying. I felt very excited about starting at a new university – and a new life – in London.


I think my first reaction when I saw my acceptance letter was floods of joy, I know that sounds dramatic but that’s the only way I can describe it. I remember I was in the library working on my dissertation being extremely stressed, when I took a study break and looked at my phone and saw the email that my application status had updated. Initially I said to myself I wasn’t going to look at it because I was scared that if it was a rejection letter, that I’d be so upset I wouldn’t be able to concentrate for the rest of the day. Obviously I wasn’t able to concentrate anyway because I was far too curious, so I looked.

I was nervous because I applied for an MA in a subject I didn’t study at undergraduate and whilst I am incredibly passionate about literature, I was a bit worried that it didn’t come across in my application letter. I only applied to two places and whilst the first had already accepted me, I wanted to do my postgrad at King’s. When I saw the letter all the stress just melted off me and I ran over to my friend who was also in the library and got far too excited telling them about getting accepted (I got told off for being too loud - oops). After that I called my parents and spent the rest of the day grinning at everyone and everything.