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Funding and Ratification Committee Elections


We’re back with an exciting opportunity for all Community Leaders to nominate themselves and vote for the newly created Funding and Ratification Committee (FAR) 2023-2023.

Previously known as the Union Development Committees (UDC’s) that supported the development of KCLSU services across sports, activities, volunteering, wellbeing, liberation, and sustainability, the FAR will now be one streamlined committee with 9 places available.

The UDCs fulfilled four functions:

a). Decision making on relevant funding and the ratification of student groups,

b). Insight: representing students in development of relevant KCLSU services and policies,

c). Co-creation: the delivery of community activities and lastly,

d). Relationship building with other students.


Over the years, UDCs organically changed to match the needs and expectations of specific groups, which also meant that each UDC functioned differently.

To simplify the pre-existing UDC structures, as well as increase engagement with students, the five different UDCs are now being streamlined to form the Funding and Ratification Committee. 

The FAR differs from the UDCs in the sense that the FAR will only be concerned with the decision-making aspect. Other practices such as co-creation and relationship building will continue to exist outside this structure. The practices designed for the purpose of Insight, Co-Creation and Relationship building already exist separately and will also continue to exist within and outside of formal structures. However, they will have the power to be responsive to the needs of the service, projects and student communities. Additionally, student groups and networks will continue to meet to self-determine their own priorities.

The newly built FAR will ratify all new groups and the following funding streams across the year:

  • Student Group Development Fund
  • Competitions and Conferences Fund
  • Widening Participation Project Fund
  • King’s Community Fund
  • Welcome Events Fund
  • Summer Series Fund

There are 9 places available with reserved spaces to ensure that students from the following groups will be represented:

  • Activity group
  • Media group
  • KCL Sports Club
  • GKT Sports Club
  • PG Student
  • Black Students
  • LGBTQ+ Student
  • Women Student
  • Disabled Student

If you are a 2023-2024 committee member of a ratified student group, you can stand as well as vote for the FAR Elections!

If you want to level up your leadership and have an impact in decision making, then nominate yourself for the Funding and Ratification Committee NOW.

Nominations close at 10am on Friday 16 June and voting takes place through from 21 June 10 am – 22 June 5pm.

For more information on timelines, click here.


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